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From Chronic Back Pain to a 5km Finish Line.

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Our revolutionary 10-week small group program is specifically designed for individuals like you who are yearning for a life free from back pain and eager to return to exercising consistently & feeling your best once again.

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"The holistic approach made it so much better and more interesting than just having exercise program. If I come across anyone with back pain I’ll be sending them right to you, it’s the most logical thing I’ve ever come across and it really works!"
- Nicole B, 36

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The Back Pain Back To Exercise is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

It's crafted specifically for you if you’re sick of being constantly aware of your back.

You were active before and now desire to get back to of a healthy lifestyle.

And, you fear that if you don't take care of this now it will only get worse over the next few years.

However, if you're still looking for a quick fix or magic solution, or if you're not quite prepared for a structured approach, this might not be the right fit for you.

But, if the emotional & psychological trauma from persistent pain and the silent grip of fear have kept you from truly living, this is your gentle guide back to life's best moments.

Sandra Shares: "After 2 weeks, exercising became a reality, not just a memory. This program was my bridge back."

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What's Involved? 

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Meet Robbie Cassidy, MSc Physiotherapist and founder of the Back Pain Back To Exercise program. With a track record in aiding both elite athletes and chronic pain sufferers alike, Robbie offers a unique, holistic approach to overcoming back pain, empowering clients to reclaim their active lifestyles and achieve their most ambitious physical goals.

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What You Get:

10-Week Small Group Program w/Robbie: 


Understand your triggers and how to overcome them in this guided course. 10+ educational modules & reflection topics for all areas of your life. 

  • Mobility & Movement Sessions: Ten scaled movement sessions with video tutorials for each movement to help you regain strength & mobility, and have your body feeling free & flexible once again. 
  • ​RunRevive Scaled Program: A running program designed specifically to get anyone from zero to 5km in ten weeks.

Time Investment: 40 mins x 3 per week


Online Support:


  • Weekly Q&A: Get specific answers to your questions each week to keep you on track to success.
  • ​Join Our Community: A group of likeminded individuals keen to take back control of their healthy lifestyle while always being there to support each other.


Group Zoom Calls:


Bi-weekly Zoom calls with Robbie to learn exactly how to overcome the grips of back pain for once & for all. Be guided along your journey with weekly goals, challenges & in-depth knowledge from experts.


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